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ACCT 505 Practice Homework Assignments Week 1 – 7

Company B would not be precluded from using Acct 505 exercise 13 14 data longer than six Acct 505 exercise 13 14 if it concludes that data would be relevant. Prepare the company's sales budget and schedule of expected cash collections. Below is the link for the financial statements for Nike, Inc.

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Should forfeitures or terms that stem from forfeitability be factored into the determination of expected term? In evaluating the internal control over inventory for the Williams Oil Services Company, an aud. In valuing a particular instrument, certain techniques or models may meet the first and second criteria but may not meet the third criterion because the techniques or models are not designed to reflect certain characteristics contained in the instrument.

FASB ASC TopicCompensation — Stock Compensation, does not prescribe the mechanism a company should use to incorporate a portion of share-option costs in an inventory-costing system.

What other sources of information should Company C consider in order to estimate the expected volatility of its share price? Customer Service Email On the bottom of the customer service page https: The staff believes Company G should present the expense related to share-based payment arrangements in the same line or lines as cash compensation paid to the same employees.

The Topic also states that observable market prices of identical or similar equity or liability instruments in active markets are the best evidence of fair value and, if available, should be used as the basis for the measurement for equity and liability instruments awarded in a share-based payment transaction with employees.

The staff believes that companies should make good faith efforts to identify and use sufficient information in determining whether taking historical volatility, implied volatility or a combination of both into account will result in the best estimate of expected volatility.

Fixed Assets and Intangibles 1. The intermediary organization must report contribution revenue from donors if: However, the Topic does clarify that the objective in estimating expected volatility is to ascertain the assumption about expected volatility that marketplace participants would likely use in determining an exchange price for an option.

Are there situations in which it is acceptable for Company B to rely exclusively on either implied volatility or historical volatility in its estimate of expected volatility? Company E utilizes the Black-Scholes-Merton closed-form model for valuing its employee share options.

Company D recently granted share options to its employees. In addition, one segment of the flyer solicited contributions to the organization to help fund its activities.

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Should interest be included in the cost of a fixed asset? Purpose, expand donor base, and content. As stated in FASB ASC paragraph in order to meet the fair value measurement objective, a company should select a valuation technique or model that a is applied in a manner consistent with the fair value measurement objective and other requirements of FASB ASC Topicb is based on established principles of financial economic theory and generally applied in that field and c reflects all substantive characteristics of the instrument.

FASB ASC Topic provides guidance on estimating expected volatility for newly public and nonpublic entities that do not have company specific historical or implied volatility information available. Why are some intangible assets not amortized?

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FASB ASC TopicCompensation — Stock Compensation, and Certain Redeemable Financial Instruments Certain financial instruments awarded in conjunction with share-based payment arrangements have redemption features that require settlement by cash or other assets upon the occurrence of events that are outside the control of the issuer.

Under FASB ASC Topicwhen compensation cost is recognized for instruments classified as equity instruments, additional paid-in-capital 85 is increased. The staff believes the estimate of expected term should be based on the facts and circumstances available in each particular case.

In such cases, the staff will accept the use of the simplified method for only some but not all share option grants.

ACCT 505 Practice Homework Assignments Week 1 – 7

If Company K elects to adjust its period end inventory balance for the allocable amount of share-option cost through a period end adjustment to its financial statements, instead of incorporating the share-option cost through its inventory costing system, would this be considered a deficiency in internal controls?

Which method of estimation, gross profit or retail inventory, is best? The production department of Hareston Company has submitted the following forecast of units to be produced by quarter for the upcoming fiscal year: Click here to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

FASB ASC paragraph indicates that an entity shall aggregate individual awards into relatively homogenous groups with respect to exercise and post-vesting employment termination behaviors for the purpose of determining expected term, regardless of the valuation technique or model used to estimate the fair value.

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Accordingly, the staff believes that no additional reduction in the term assumption or other discount to the estimated fair value is appropriate for these particular factors.Learn intermediate accounting chapter 13 with free interactive flashcards.

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Chapter 3 The Balance Sheet and Financial Disclosures Questions for Review of Key Topics Question The purpose of the balance sheet, also known as the statement of financial position, is to present the financial position of the company on a particular date.

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Acct 505 exercise 13 14
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